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Frank Alkanes India Pvt Ltd

Frank Alkanes India Private Limited a Professionally Managed ISO 2001-2015 Compliance Certified Company in South India, Chennai established in the year 1989.

As one of the Nation’s most experienced Manufacturers FRANK reliably Manufacturing various types of Heat Treatment Salts, Nitriding Salts, Heat Transfer Salts, PreTreatment Chemicals such as Degreasing Solvents / Salts, Phosphating Solutions., etc, Blackening Salts, Speciality Rust Preventive Oils and other Metalic Stearates for almost all Engineering , Automobile and other Manufacturers.

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What Products We Provide

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Heat Treatment Chemicals

Molton Salt Bath of various compositions is available to cover temperature range 150-1320°C.

Nitriding Salts

It is a subcritical surface enhancement process holding the longest track record of success over any case hardening technology.

Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer Salt for use in large chemical or oil cracking installations in the ..

Metal Pre Treatment Chemicals

A Powerful solid Bio-Degradable Enzymatic Degreaser for removal

Blackening Chemicals

This is a highly Alkaline salt for a hot immersion process which produces attractive black oxide

Rust Preventive Oil

Frank Rust Preventive Oils are solvent deposited water displacing type.

Metalic Stearate

Sodium Stearate is the Sodium salt of Stearic Acid. This white solid is the most common soap

Quenching Oil

Quenching oil designed for rapid or controlled cooling of steels or metals as part of hardening...

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Frank Alkanes India Pvt Ltd

Frank Alkanes India Pvt Ltd
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